I live and work in Amsterdam, The Netherlands at Salon Serpent.

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to be on the 2014 waiting list EMAIL: 


Feel free to mention what dates/month you would like, I do my best to accomodate but know that I can't guarantee that I'll be available.

pretty please DO NOT send multiple emails (that includes messaging me on facebook/instagram/tumblr)

I do custom tattoos Tuesday-Friday 

larger appointments at 12:00 

and smaller palm sized between 16:00-17:00 

when there is time or cancelations I always do my best to accommodate walk ins from our one-off books and flash. So please some and say hi!! 


Please send me the WHERE, WHAT and SIZE:

*reference photos (inspiration)

*description of the tattoo

*photos of the body part to be tattooed

(preferably with a ruler or measuring tape so that I can determine the size of the space.  If taken with photobooth PLEASE mention so that I know which arm/leg/foot etc I am to be tattooing and so that your design isn't drawn backwards). 


The rate for custom tattooing is 150 per hour and the rate for drawing is100 euros.  

The drawing cost also acts as a deposit and is non-refundable, and transferable only if appointment is cancelled within at least 2 working days. 

The reason for the drawing cost is that I spend hours and hours researching and drawing and often spend as long drawing as I do tattooing (I try to be an efficient tattooer). 

If you have a specific budget for a tattoo, do let me know and I can work around that. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

(PLEASE NOTE:  If you change your design idea after confirmation I can't guarantee your appointment since i take booking on a piece by piece basis.) 


I participate in Walk-in Saturday's when I am not at a convention or guest spot, for information on Walk-in Saturdays please visit the parlour's website: HERE

Prices are per piece. 


for Conventions and Guest Spots I book the month before. 


pricing varies 

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